DSe Infrastructure Services

Performance & Capacity

Speed, Scalability And/Or Stability

Our team executes performance testing to determine or validate the speed, scalability, and/or stability of a product.

Performance & Capacity

Performance & Capacity testing is a generic term that typically refers to many different types of performance-related test types, each of which addresses a specific problem area and provides its own benefits, risks, and challenges.

Performance testing is defined as the technical investigation done to determine or validate the speed, scalability, and/or stability characteristics of the product under test.

Performance-related activities, such as testing and tuning, are concerned with achieving response times, throughput, and resource-utilization levels that meet the performance objectives for the application under test.

Our team has the expertise to:

  • Define a P&C Testing strategy based on your specific business requirements
  • Work with your business team to define the Business Utilization Model
  • Help define the SLA with your user community based on industry standards and application specifications
  • Prepare and record test scripts using your companies testing tools, or Open Source Jmeter product
  • Define and execute the scenarios based on your Business Utilization Model
  • Collect metrics, prepare reports, interpret results based on your application specifications
  • Propose and implement improvements if needed


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